Mortimer Art

Anita Mortimer's art is unique.

A truly uplifting way of looking at the world either

on paper, canvas or board

Using pencil, pastel, charcoal, graphite.


First a bit about me:

A believer in The Lord Jesus and a loving God.

Since I was a youngster I have always picked up a pencil, crayons or felt-tips. Hours were spent scribbling on scrap paper or in colouring books. I grew up in Croydon, Surrey. The only daughter in a family of four older brothers.

There was so much to do; parks to explore, interesting people of varied cultures to meet. I lived in the midst of colour. People wore their native outfits. The smells were often overwhelming. Music rang out from every street corner. I was always watching, studying and enjoying the world around me.

I loved to gaze at the fur of the neighbourhood animals and often would draw my pet Sindy, while she was curled up in a chair; her coat was a beautiful tan and black.

I am now a wife and the mother of two grown ups. I live in Lincolnshire. With more time to admire my surroundings I have started to draw again.

As time progressed, I have realised it is the world's detail I want to capture; I see this in black and white.

My pictures have sold internationally. I have undertaken many commissions for both wildlife, pets and people portraits.